Coffee Seedling 1

In order to continue enhancing overall coffee production and improving the livelihoods and living standards of our small-holder farmers and their families with value-addition processing, a new Social Investor Group were introduced at the end of 2016, which resulted in the launch of a new Coffee Development Program.

This development saw the rehabilitation of many former small-holder coffee plantations spread throughout the TCDC plantation. 40Ha of coffee trees (approx 100,000) were planted, along with a broad inter-cropping regime that contains a variety of Fruit, Vegetables, Kava, Sandalwood and Honey. It is hoped that within 4-5years, estimated production levels may reach 100tonne per year again, providing 100 additional full-timefarming job opportunities alone and around 300 additional jobs, within the 4 month harvest season annually.

While the Company’s original aims & objectives are unchanged ‘Providing a sustainable Agricultural Industry developing Vanuatu toward self-sufficiency’, there is still a need to be risk resilient, diversified and ready to meet natural disasters. The Company recently embarked on several Agriculture and Tourism based ventures that will hopefully provide and assist Vanuatu towards achieving national economic development.


Our Port Vila Roasting Factory

Roasting Factory

As demand for Tanna Coffee continued to expand, a decision was made to open the original Port Vila Roasting and Packaging Factory on Devils Point to local visitors and international tourists, providing them with an insightful view of coffee production ‘From the Tree to the Cup’. This move into the Agri-Tourism Sector proved to be a resounding success and the entire Tanna Coffee Roasting & Packaging Factory moved into much larger premises along Mele Road in 2017.

This move also coincided with the added development of the artisanal South Pacific Botanicals essential oils distillery.  This was soon followed by the creation of a local range of Tanna Coffee Liqueurs and a Tanna Coffee infused local Chocolate. This large Tanna Coffee facility now has a Café / Pizzeria, and Art Studio/Gallery with resident local artists. It is entirely free of charge and open to the General Public 7 days / week.