img021Tanna Coffee is grown in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu under the shadows of the still-active Yasur volcano. It is the active volcano's influence that makes our Tanna Coffee so unique. The deep, rich soils, abundant sunshine and plentiful rainfall are the very essence of this truly natural, excellent product.

A Truly Natural Product

Certified Organic (through Organic Pasika), Tanna Coffee processes the beans through natural means only. Hand harvesting optimum ripe cherries, same day processing, natural fermentation methods and sun drying is the key to our high quality product.

These integral steps ensures that only a truly natural product is produced without the use of any harmful sprays or chemical fertilisers.

Our Mission Statement

misson statement

Our objective at Tanna Coffee is to not only provide the coffee consumer with a unique and natural product, but to also ensure that our farmers of Vanuatu receive the maximum benefit for their efforts. Tanna Coffee is grown in a long term, sustainable manner to provide a solid foundation for the farmers, their families and their future.

At Tanna Coffee, we will maintain the solid working relationship we've had with our farmers for the past 20 years, and ensure the long standing friendship between us continues.We will provide a product that is Organically Grown, free of any harmful sprays or chemicals, Ethical and Fair, and certificed by Organic Pasifika.